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Oh Shit Guys Its Summer Week 3

Ahhh! Katie has been busy being social(wtf?) so she hasn't had time to update. Saturday I went to Danny Mui's house with Nicole and bunch of other people. It was weird becasue I didn't really know Danny and I was like Hi I'm Katie can I come inside your house? But it was cool. He's a nice guy. Nicole and I came home and baked a cake and then did an ab workout on demand while it was baking...then we ate it. Later that night we chlled at her house. Her Mum went out for the night around 11 so we decided we were going to go out too. We called Josh because we wanted him to help us T.P. Ryan's house. But he said he was tired and didn't feel like it. Fine. We called Alex next. He was super grounded for going to East Pointe for a week without telling his parents he was there. Fine. Last we called James-Parker and he was hanging with Joe so he didn't want to help us. Ok Fine. Well we were kinda pissed at Josh for bailing on us since he said like a hundred times that he wanted to trash Ryan's house. We decided to go do Josh's house instead. Yesssssss good plan girls. So we walked to his house with only 2 rolls of paper because thats all we could whip up. Once we got there we decided we didn't have the balls or the toilet paper to do the whole house. Instead we just did the patio and bushes in the backyard. Ok feel free to laugh at our pathetic attempts at rebeliousness. We tied little bows and shit with the paper. Haha yes. Then we wanted to go hangout with someone but everyone we called was either asleep or not wanting to do anything. We went over to Parker's house and told his mom our story. She laughed at us and gave us soda pop. After that we just went home and watched Secret Window with Nicole's younger brother, Kyle. He was thankful for that because their Mom turned off the cable so he had been watching infomercials.

Sunday morning we got up and called Josh. Yeah he was pissed. He knew it was us and he like freaked out. He told us he was going to get us back blah blah blah paintball guns blah blah blah make you sorry blah blah blah fuck with your pool blah blah blah firecrackers. Wtf? He took it way out of porportion. Hes still mad at us right now. Jesus tapdancing christ it was 2 rolls of toilet paper. Lets be try to be rational. Fuck.

Later that day we went shopping at Old Navy. Nicole bought a bunch of tank tops and I got some new pairs of flip flops. You can never have enough flip flops. We came home and Chris informed us that we were going to the movies. Ok. After having to wait for him to finish doing his hair we got to the movies and it was sold out so we had an hour to kill until the next movie. We went to bath and body works because of the sale. Ahhh it was awesome. Everything was like 2 dollars. We went to the dollar store and bought candy and beverages for the movie. Nicole and I bought Fuse drinks. They were really good and I had never had them before. We went back to the theater and bought our tickets. We saw Click. It was cute. It was better than I thought it was going to be. We went to dinner at Max and Erma's after the movie. Then we went to Wal-Mart to casue havoc. Haha that was fun. We rode around in carts and played with the scooter and stuff. We threw stuff and talked to random people. Fun. After that Nicole and I went to Spend the night at Emily's house. We got there and then we walked to Dolly's Pizza for pop and breadsticks. He gave us the breaksticks for free becuase it was closing time. Nicole and I just chilled while Emily talked to Josh on the phone. He continued to whine about us and the tp incedent. Then we just went to bed.

We got up and called people all up and down. Everyone was busy. We just watched movies most of the day and then Danny came by. We watched Madea's Family Reunion. Fuck that was a waste of my life. We called more people then we all went bowling. It was fun. I came in second place one of the games. Then we went to Big Boy's for french fries. Nicole and I went home and pitched a tent in her backyard. Haha yes. We spent the night in a tent in her backyard. We watched When a Stranger Calls before went went in the tent. It kind of sucked. We woke up at 6 this morning becuase it was raining on our tent. Went went inside and continued sleeping. I came home about an hour ago. Angel ran away this morning. I had to go get her. Yeah thats always fun. Later family is coming over. I was invited to a cupple 4th parties but I think I'd just like to chill at home today. I might go over to Danny's but probably not. Well I need a shower and I need to clean some shit.
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